the new Heller Family Home Page

This is the Official web site/internet server of the Heller family. At a not so recent family meeting in our favorite vacation spot, we came to the conclusion that the world is going more global. Not wanting to be left behind, we decided to join the information superhighway. While this worked for some six years, running right through our basement, times have changed. We have moved from our basement to a new undisclosed site. But do not worry, everything from the old site is still here.

Dad is now doing most of the web site work, with Matt is still his main backup, but Matt is mostly busy with his company Browsium.
Browsium is the leading browser management provider for the world's largest enterprises.

As for Josh and Adam, all is well.

Adam and Tami have two boys and a girl.

Matt & Linda have two boys.

Josh has two girls.

Mom already has her own home page, as does Dad . Matt's wife, Linda , has her own home page.

For those who want to see the Qin terra-cotta warrior, click here.

For those who want to see the Matt/Linda wedding pictures, click here.

For those who want to see the pictures of the Adam/Tami wedding, click here. Pictures from the engagement party are also here.

Click here for the 2004 Grand Canyon pictures.

Lost can he found here.

The August 2005 trip to China

The September 2005 Festschrift

The February 2007 Galapagos trip

The "boys" October 2007 Iceland trip.

THE 100th Birthday party.

The 101th Birthday party.

Hawaii - December 2007.

Berlin flying - February 2008.

Honolulu rush hour traffic. This is not paradise.

Antarctica - 2009.

Rapa Nui - 2009.

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